The fluffy appearance of this fluffy piglet that’s practically a sheep goes viral

When we hear the word “pig” we probably don’t think directly of the cleanest and most tender animal in the world. However, there is a breed of pig that is conquering the networks due to its curious hairy appearance.

It is the Mangalistsa pig, a breed of pig known colloquially as the “sheep pig”.

The Mangalistsa is one of the oldest pig breeds in Europe.

Its fluffy coat consists of two dog-like layers, a long, rough coat to protect the soft, fluffy undercoat. Angus is one of those sheep-like pigs that since he was rescued has become one of the darlings of his caregivers.

Angus was completely malnourished and very neglected when he was rescued in 2018 from a farm in terrible conditions.

This breed is the result of crossbreeding Sumadija pigs with Bakony and Szalonta wild pigs in 1830.

Thanks to Maine Animal Welfare Program agents, the pig was rescued and moved to Peace Ridge Sanctuary. It didn’t take long for him to gain weight and reveal his true, playful, foodie identity.

He now enjoys a happy life with people who look out for his well-being. Melissa Andrews, who is director of development, humane education and outreach at the sanctuary commented:

“When he first arrived he was quite nervous, but now he is a big, bossy pig.”

Angus is an adorable pig who enjoys having all the attention of the sanctuary staff. He loves to lie on his side and have his belly rubbed, Andrews notes that he looks like a big bear.

What is especially striking about this breed of pig is their fur, Angus’ fur measures approximately 10 centimeters when fully grown. However, they don’t always have this dense coat; during the winter is when their hairs fluff up the most, but in the summer they are almost bald.

It didn’t take long for them to become the most popular breed of pig in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Angus spends his days sharing with his friends and dragging branches around the sanctuary to make nests.

He currently lives in a small group with two other large pigs. Andrews comments:

“He likes to sleep next to them at night and go on little adventures with his best friend Wilbur.”

Apparently Angus enjoys getting into mischief and invites his friends to follow in his footsteps. Andrews comments that Wilbur was one of the quieter pigs until he met Angus.

Now they are a rather mischievous pair of pigs who love to conquer every corner of the sanctuary together.

Although Angus may look different from other pigs, deep down he is one of them.

While he may have had a sad past, it has given him more strength to pull through and act like a very protective little pig. Says Andrews.

“He’s very pig-like, as all pigs are: they’re very smart, they’re very clean and tidy. He looks after the other group pigs and, like all dominant pigs he’s really protective of his friends.”

Angus confirms that it is normal for all of us to be different, and it is precisely what makes us look “weird” that makes us really special.

Remember that sanctuaries and rescue centers often function thanks to the support of animal-loving people like you. If you would like to support Peace Ridge Sanctuary feel free to do so.

Let’s fill the world with different stories full of love. Share this story in your networks and be part of those loving animal defenders.

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