The grandmother was desperately looking for her dentures while the little dog kept smiling

A grandmother thought she had lost her mind not knowing where she left her teeth. But she couldn’t imagine that there was a clear culprit, and that was her daughter’s naughty little dog.

Puppies are a case of love and fun, no one can resist their antics and one in particular has everyone in love on social networks.

The protagonist is a beautiful 9-month-old Chihuahua, adopted from Paraná (Brazil) who decided to steal her grandmother’s dentures and seems to have put them in perfectly.

The grandmother was desperately looking for her dentures.

Luna lives in Ponta Grossa, Campos Gerais, with her family and last month she was visiting her grandmother’s house, who lives in Juiz de Fora.

No one expected that this funny puppy would make everyone laugh out loud.

According to her owner, pedagogy student Anna Carolina Lima, she and her parents decided to take Luna with them, but one day they had to leave the house and left the mischievous creature with her grandmother and another relative.

When they arrived home, the old lady was disoriented and desperately looking for her false teeth.

“Grandma had gone to sleep after lunch and, as usual, placed the dentures under her pillow so as not to lose them. When she woke up she was very desperate because she couldn’t find the dentures,” said Anna Carolina.

As a good mother, Anna suspected Luna might have a paw in the matter and decided to investigate.

“She takes things and sneaks out with her ears back. Poor grandma didn’t even notice. When I got to my mother’s room, I found Luna sitting on the couch with her dentures in her mouth, chewing on them. And she wouldn’t give them back to me! At great expense, I distracted her and took them out.”

Luna was showing off her huge false teeth, “without stopping smiling”. The young girl couldn’t help but laugh and decided to capture the moment in a photograph that has gone viral.

We all had a lot of fun with Luna’s witticism and the image has been shared thousands of times, after Anna decided to post it in a Facebook group. Fortunately, this didn’t turn out to be more than a joke.

Luna was not hurt at all by the accessory and the granny was able to recover her teeth without any damage.

But this is not the first time Luna has appeared on Facebook, it was through a post that Anna was able to meet her. The young girl saw a woman’s post about some puppies that had been left on the streets and the girl decided to act.

“When I went to pick her up, we went straight to the vet. She had worms, mange and fleas. She wasn’t even three months old. She’s a little warrior,” Anna recalled.

Although the little dog has only been with the girl for a few months, she is totally in love but acknowledges that Luna is not a quiet dog. Anna avoids leaving the door to her room open, as Luna loves to go “treasure hunting in it”.

Now the grandmother will also have an anecdote about her canine granddaughter, a detail not to forget.

On one occasion, Luna went into the bathroom while Anna was taking a shower and when she came out she found her swimming in toothpaste. Despite all this, Anna Carolina feels that “there is no way not to love her, she is super affectionate and loving,” and everyone in the household loves the mischievous Luna.

It’s a hilarious anecdote never to forget, all thanks to the beautiful Luna, who with her innocence, has made the whole world fall in love. How lucky she is to have a family that adores her.

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