The last video Pau Donés recorded before his death to say goodbye to his beloved dog Fideos

Eighteen months have passed since the regrettable departure of Pau Donés. Before he died he had a great dream and it is hard to believe that it has been fulfilled to the letter, touching millions of hearts.

For many sick and dying people, dogs can become their best medicine; even when death comes like a thief to snatch their lives after years of struggle to avoid it.

And so, for those people, their last wish will necessarily have to do with those tailed, four-legged creatures, who did so much to make their last days on earth kinder.

Their loved ones will pull out all the stops to make it happen; because they were great, because their legacy remains, and whatever is done to remember them, it doesn’t seem enough to them.

That’s what just a year ago the musical group Jarabe de Palo did when they released the videoclip of the song “Misteriosamente hoy”.

Pau Donés recorded a last video before dying to say goodbye to his dog

More than a single from his last album “Tragas o Escupes”, it was the most emotional tribute to the great Pau Donés, together with his dog Fideos; because he wanted it that way, and he said so before he died.

“May 2020. Vall d’Aran. Lleida. I would simply like to make a video in which I can be seen with my dog Fideos, together walking in the mountains, frolicking on the grass, enjoying the infinite sky, the sun, the nature that surrounds us, enjoying the moment, without thinking about anything… just that, no more, Fideos, me and the mountain… transmitting that feeling would make me happy”, was the text written by Pau Donés to express his last wish.

His colleagues could not do less and put it into a posthumous tribute, with which it is really hard not to cry:

The video has been viewed almost 4 million times worldwide.

They are images recorded during the last days of Pau Donés’ life, in which he is seen walking in the mountains, savoring endearing moments with his beloved dog, one of the beings he loved most in this world.

“Misteriosamente hoy” is a hymn to life, an optimistic song about the importance of living and dying in peace, in which Donés sings of calm, harmony and balance. A song that was expected to be his return to the stage, but fate had other plans for him.

Pau Donés passed away on June 9, 2020, at the age of 53, after a tough battle against the cancer he had been suffering from since 2015.

The singer had retired to the Aran Valley, a place full of fresh air and nature. And the lyrics of the song are but a reflection of everything he had inside him, and much of his inspiration he owed to his beloved Noodles.

“Mysteriously today, I don’t miss. Mysteriously today, I wait for no one. Mysteriously today, everything is calm. Mysteriously today, nothing is missing me,” reads part of the lyrics.

“Today nothing scares me. Miraculously today, life no longer weighs me down. Incredibly, life is worth living. I have nothing to do. I have no troubles. Only time to waste. And a peaceful heart. Today I feel good… Deliciously good”.

The scenes could not be more emotional and touch the heartstrings of all those who followed the singer closely and know everything he lived through in the midst of pain. And the great legacy he left in his struggle to normalize the disease.

This last wish of his, made real in a truly touching video, fills our soul. And it should serve as an opportunity for those who still have loved ones alive, including their pets, to tell them how much they love them and value their time with them.

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