The little dog that seemed to have been turned to stone is so beautiful now

Life on the streets can be so hard that it reflects on anyone’s countenance. But in the story of Grinch, a stray puppy, it may be more literal than most people realize.

When the furry fellow first arrived at a South Texas shelter, he was a living statue of sorts. His rescuers couldn’t make sense of his sad, rocky appearance.

That’s how bad the little dog looked when they rescued him.

Grinch’s case was quite special and delicate. His appearance made it impossible to even tell what kind of puppy he was, so his caretakers decided to ask for support from the guys at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who didn’t hesitate to collaborate with the cause.

“He looked so sad and was in such a deplorable condition that we obviously stood up and agreed. Not only could we not tell what kind of dog he was, but he had clearly been suffering for quite some time,” said Randie Semel, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteer and Texas team leader.

Randie added that Grinch “looked more like a statue than a living creature.” The infections in his skin were severe and at first glance caused great pain, as evidenced by his sad and pitiful look.

For this reason, the first thing the rescuers did was to take the puppy to the veterinarian to determine the seriousness of the situation and to provide specialized assistance.

The animal had even lost its fur.

With the collaboration of the entire team and strict treatment, the dog’s skin began to heal and his scabs progressively disappeared. To achieve this, many baths and the application of different ointments were necessary.

A little more than a month after being rescued, the improvement was evident and Grinch left the shelter to be transferred to a foster home.

The process was miraculous, considering the condition in which he was found.

Last December, the dog traveled to the northeastern United States to meet his temporary family.

“By that time, he was still very shy and afraid of everyone around him. He shied away from other dogs,” Semel recalled.

So far this year, Grinch’s new foster mom has worked on the little dog’s confidence and is lovingly helping him put his past behind him. Although he still has a ways to go, the dog has come a long way and his little fur has started to grow as well.

“He has absolutely thrived in his foster home and loves to play ball. He looks beautiful and loves to run and play,” Semel said.

Five months after his rescue, his caregivers discovered that this boy is a German Shepherd mix. Semel continues to follow up on his case and reported that a couple of weeks ago the dog met another foster family who fell head over heels for his charms.

“The new foster family is absolutely in love with him. He is a very sweet dog. He loves all people,” Semel explained.

This little dog suffered tremendously for years and all of that was reflected in the pitiful physical and emotional state he was in when he was rescued. However, thanks to the work of the volunteers, his life has changed forever and we are confident that he will never again have to go through the ordeal he experienced on the street.

A more recent photo of this furry charmer.

Grinch’s story shows us that it is never too late to give these creatures a second chance.

Many people saw the terrible condition he was living in and ignored him, but it took just one person to report him to the rescue for him to start his new life. Today his family declares to be the most benefited with his recovery, because now they have a beautiful puppy at home.

Like Grinch, many furry dogs go through the worst living without a home, we hope that his case will inspire many people to rescue them.

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