The owner wants to end this dog’s life with unacceptable reasons

One day, a ho.rrible man decided that he no longer wanted his dog since he was old and pointless, and instead of seeking her a new place or giving her to a shelter, he buried him alive in the wilderness.

When rescuers in Spain received word of an injured dog, they jumped into their vehicles and hurried to the site. They came upon a dog named Titan at that point.

The poor dog’s head was emerging from the dirt. The remainder was buried underneath.

Volunteers had seen a lot, but this time they were terrified. Who could have left such a dog in such a state? Titan was around 12 years old at the time. He was meant to be cherished and adored in his golden years, but he was cr.u.e.lly a.b.a.n.doned in such a manner that he could never leave unassisted.

Rescuers found a strategy to extract the dog without inflicting more injury.

It was not easy, and the Titan’s attitude indicated that he was scared. They took the blanket from the vehicle and began digging for it. They reassured him that everything would be well.

The Titan was ultimately released after much effort and patience. They rushed him to the hospital. He was weak, dehydrated, and hurt. He had suffered a significant abdominal injury.

Veterinarians got right to work. Titan was given fluids and pain relievers. He was quite courageous.

The adorable puppy was already able to relax. The Titan’s health improved marginally after a few days of being observed around the clock. His medical staff was overjoyed with his improvement!

They stated they’d find him a home and he’d be able to leave the vet shortly!

Titan is now living in an older foster household. He has recovered from his injuries, but as an adult, he still needs a great deal of care. He may already live the rest of his life feeling secure and content!

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