The Piece of the Dead Planet Fell to Earth, containing a Treasure that Shook the Scientific

Lonsdaleite, a super diamond that has baffled scientists for years due to its peculiar qualities unmatched by anything seen on Earth, has finally been solved.

The super diamond lonsdaleite can only be created through a cataclysmic catastrophe in interplanetary space, claims Science Alert. One of the hardest crystals on Earth can be formed from its structure, which is made up of carbon atoms with four securely connected electrons.

In addition, the hexagonal shape of graphite is perfectly preserved by the lonsdaleite crystal structure, boosting the material’s toughness and making it “superior” than Earth diamond. Only a few tiny, hair-thin specimens have been discovered, making them extremely rare.

The origin of the lonsdaleite diamonds discovered in multiple samples of the rare gem meteorites known as ureilite has now been determined by a team of scientists.

According to microscope expert Dougal McCulloch of RMIT University in Australia, “there is strong evidence that a new diamond-forming process has been discovered for both lonsdaleite and common diamond. This process is similar to a type of supercritical chemical vapor deposition that happens in meteorites when two planets catastrophically collide.

Additionally, it has been determined that Undelete is a piece of a dwarf planet that was destroyed, split up, and then strayed in part to Earth. Graphite primarily surrounds the superdiamonds found in ureilite meteorites.

What makes this process unique is that it can be duplicated in a laboratory, allowing anyone to recreate the conditions that led to the formation of this super diamond right here on Earth.

According to geologist Andy Tomkins from Monash University – Australia, a super diamond can be used in the fabrication of extremely small, super-hard machine parts to replace graphite parts in the most modern machines. And maybe at some point, people can propose with this magical “cosmic treasure” ring.

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