The puppy that received a severe injury to his stomach, enters his new home full of love

A little dog that suffered the contempt of a being to whom the category of human would be too big for him, shows us once again the reason why loyalty is always attributed as an essential characteristic of his species.

It turns out that the little dog in this story, like many others, was able to endure the mistreatment of his owners, rather than break the bond of loyalty he felt for them.

The unfortunate thing about this case is that it left the dog suffering too much. His name is Antonio, a golden retriever mix who was treated harshly and left on the corner of a building.

Although neighbors saw him lying on the ground they did not bother to find out what was wrong with him until hours after someone noticed him lying there without him moving at any time.

The matter then seemed strange to them.

Faced with such a situation, the person approached and sensed that something was wrong with the dog, besides no one had returned for him and that was alarming.

It was at that moment that the case became part of the reports that reach Hope For Paws.

This little friend just wanted to be helped but was very afraid.

Eldad and Loreta, one of their volunteers, were in charge of going to the place where Antonio was left.

Once they arrived, they tried to approach very carefully and fenced off the area to prevent him from escaping, but the little dog did not move.

They even offered him some food to see if he would react to the stimulus but he did not.

Poor Antonio was perplexed, as if he was afraid or did not believe that anyone could help him. His behavior raised suspicions among the rescuers, the dog looked frightened but did nothing to attack them.

Little by little the people gained his trust and managed to get him out of that state of perplexity to finally take him to a safe place.

From there they would do everything they could to help him.

The rescuers took him to the veterinary clinic where Dr. Pedraza attended him and reported that Antonio had internal injuries that caused him a lot of pain when he moved.

Studies determined the severity of the injury and the veterinarian ruled out the possibility that he had been run over by a vehicle.

The damage had been caused by a person and given the signs he was showing, it was possible that it was the same person who had decided to leave him.

It was very likely that this act of cowardice had been orchestrated by its former owners.

Antonio’s liver and spleen were affected and he was bleeding internally. Fortunately, he had been rescued in time, otherwise he would have lost his life in the loneliness of that street.

The puppy had to undergo surgery the same day to stop the bleeding, but everything turned out for the best.

This furry dog went through a great trauma but managed to recover thanks to the care he received from an excellent medical team.

After the surgery, Antonio was left in the care of The Little Red Dog, who joined forces to help him get through the surgery and filled him with enough love to help him forget his terrible past.

During the time they shared with the little dog, the caregivers noticed that he was an extremely noble and loyal dog. For that reason it seems unfair that someone treated him that way and good Antonio was so patient.

But the injury of this little friend is now part of his past.

Fortunately, the furry one doesn’t have to go back to those people who left him in such a bad state. On top of it all, he not only recovered but found a new family who vowed to love him forever.

To make sure they keep their word, the guys at the foundation are always on the lookout to follow up with their rescued furry friends.

The commitment of these people is for life and that is why their work should fill us with pride and inspiration. Bravo to Antonio who can now walk happily.

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