The story of the brave dog who survived being thrown from a 50 mph truck finds a loving new home

It’s truly shocking how some people treat their pets. We’ve seen too many stories of dogs literally thrown away by their owners will no regard for their lives.

But thankfully, many of these dogs get a second chance and find much better homes. That was the case recently, after a dog who survived being thrown from a truck found a new family.

According to the RSPCA, an 18-month-old terrier named Freya was thrown out of a truck going 50 miles an hour back in January. Witnesses saw the shocking act of abandonment, and picked up the dog in Kent, England.

“Freya was incredibly lucky to survive after being hurled from the moving vehicle at such a high speed and vets were incredibly concerned that she may have suffered internal bleeding so performed surgery immediately,” said Kirsten Ormerod, who led the investigation into the incident.

“Witnesses described her being thrown with such force that she landed on the opposite side of the road, and the vehicle didn’t stop or even slow down.”

While Freya survived being thrown out of the moving vehicle, she had a number of other health concerns. She was underweight, and had fleas and a dirty coat, indicating a life of neglect and mistreatment.

It still isn’t known who threw the tiny dog from the truck — but the important thing is that she’s now in good hands.

After recovering, Freya, now renamed Bella, was put up for adoption by the RSPCA. A woman named Gill and her husband Ray, who live in Maidstone, heard Bella’s story and knew they could be the ones to give her a home.

“I lost my Jack Russell terrier in April and we’d been thinking about getting another dog,” Gill said.

After seeing a post about Bella online, she was overjoyed to hear she was still up for adoption: “I fell in love with her straight away,” Gill said.

Because of her rough upbringing, it has been taking some time for Bella to adjust to a new home, but her owners are patient and happy to take their time.

‘She can be a bit naughty and play bites a lot but we love her just the way she is,” Gill told Metro. “We have a trainer coming to help us as she is very scared around men and finds it difficult meeting other dogs.”

“But she’s been through so much that we know it’ll take her some time to understand that she’s safe now.”

It’s heartbreaking what happened to Bella, but after all she’s been through we’re so glad she finally found the home she deserves!

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