The tears of the little dog who cried every night because no one would adopt her are finally dried

Seeing tears rolling down a dog’s cheeks is something that distresses us all and breaks our hearts.

There is nothing worse than hearing a puppy’s heart-rending cry, and not knowing why he is doing it in order to help him. Whether it’s fear, anguish, loneliness or just plain old manipulation, it’s important to know the reasons why a hound cries so you can act accordingly.

The staff of the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) in New Mexico, USA, has many years of experience in dealing with the plight of unwanted stray and rescue dogs.

Her work consists of photographing these shelter animals to give them greater exposure and visibility on social media and thus more easily find them adoptive homes.

Their altruism and genuine love for animals is priceless.

This strategy has allowed numerous pets to have a new, more dignified and safer life in the hands of people willing to give them all the affection they had been denied until now.

But, if the objective is not achieved the first time, this group of rescuers repeats the process as many times as necessary until at least one adoption request is obtained.

During a visit to a shelter, they managed to capture a puppy that was in a serious state of malnutrition and plunged into a deep depression.

The images are really touching, as they show the sad look of the little animal that seems to be desperately begging for a home to take it in.

His eyes shedding tears showed his infinite sadness.

The expressive eyes of defeat of this sad little dog were enough to make viral these images that thousands of people immediately shared and commented on social networks.

From that moment on, requests for adoption began to pour in and a selection process was generated in which a woman was chosen as the new human mother of the sweet dog, who promised to give her love forever so that she would never have that sad look on her face again.

In this regard, the sweet woman commented:

“I am willing to take care of her and love her for the rest of her days.”

The association has updated her photo announcing the happy news that she was adopted.

Adoption is an alternative when it comes to acquiring a pet that benefits everyone: the family, the animal protection organizations and, of course, the dog or cat itself.

This beautiful dog no longer cries behind the bars of a shelter, she got a home, an adoptive mother and her eyes show joy and never again sadness.

Since the news of her adoption was made public, the networks have not been able to avoid exploding with happiness, and the rain of comments does not stop:

“There are no words of thanks for such a noble gesture for those who decide to adopt little angels. They need us…they need a home where they can be happy,” said an Internet user.

“What a pain, they feel, it seems unbelievable but they have feelings and love for humans, bless you for adopting her”, was the comment of another person. “How can there be anyone who says that animals don’t have feelings? I’m glad she was adopted, I’m sure she no longer has tears of sadness coming out of her eyes,” wrote another.

May this hard story with such a happy ending serve to raise awareness, keep in mind the fact that by not being adopted, the dog or cat is condemned to spend the rest of its days in a shelter or, in many cases, to be euthanized. Let’s adopt!


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