The Ukrainian military will get 36 MedEvac trucks from Germany

The German government agreed to transfer the ambulances to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The website of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany reports that Ukraine would be receiving 36 medevac vehicles.

The Ukrainian military will also receive 130 field heaters from Germany.

Germany has already shipped 100 thousand first aid kits and 405 thousand dry dikes to Ukraine.

Німецький сухпай

The German government has not disclosed the type of ambulances that will be handed over to Ukraine.

Lkw 2t gl Unimog MedEvac vehicles are in service with the Bundeswehr.

Unimog is a family of universal German all-terrain trucks intended for special use and transportation in extreme conditions.

They have been mass-produced since 1949, and since 1951, all-terrain vehicles have been produced under the Mercedes Benz brand.

Presumably, the Unimog sanitary machines would be transferred to Ukraine.

Санітарна машина «Unimog» військових Німеччини. Фото: Бундесвер

The German government website also indicates that Ukraine will receive 16 Zuzana self-propelled artillery howitzers.

It was previously reported that Germany, together with Denmark and Norway, will finance the production and supply of the Slovak 155mm Zuzana-2 wheeled self-propelled artillery system for Ukraine.

Due to the 52-caliber barrel, the Zuzana 2 gun is capable of firing at a maximum distance of up to 40 km instead of 45.

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