They approach the afflicted dog that was abandoned in a forest

Leaving a dog to its fate is undoubtedly a cruel act, even worse is that many dogs do not even realize the injustice of which they have been victims. Normally, they are left waiting for their owners in the hope that they will come back for them.

Such was the case with this black furry dog, found in a forest waiting for his family. The creature did not understand why he left him but waited patiently for his humans to return.

The little dog did not hold back his excitement when he saw his rescuer.

On the edge of the Sart Tilman forest in the city of Liège (Belgium), a man made a sad discovery while walking through the area on Friday. The passerby named Dorian heard the howling of a small dog and decided to investigate.

Although for a moment he thought he was hallucinating, he eventually found out who was making those noises. And it was none other than a furry stray that was urgently begging for help.

In this huge place it was hard to find.

No one knows how long he had been in the place, but it was evident that his owner had cast him aside. He can be attached to an old rocker, very close to some bushes that hid him.

The person who did this was heartless.

Alone and with nothing to drink, the little fellow was bewildered and the only thing he wanted was to be untied to go after his daddy. What he didn’t realize was that his owner no longer wanted him by his side, as it seems he was the one who had left him.

Next to the dog they left some food for the furry one to endure the sentence.The little food would be of no use to him if he had no water and with the slim chances he had of being rescued. Luckily, it was in his destiny for Dorian to find him and the canine was more than grateful for the opportunity he received to continue living.

“He didn’t have access to the bag (of kibble). When I approached him, he jumped for joy, he wanted to play, he was happy to see someone,” said Dorian.

This find also came about thanks to the intervention of Dorian’s pet, who helped track down the place from which the abandoned puppy’s pleading howls were coming from quite close to the Cense Rouge cemetery.

After rescuing him and playing a bit with the Labrador, who turned out to be quite friendly, the Samaritan contacted the SRPA shelter in Liege in the hope of receiving help.

This group of rescuers took it upon themselves to pick up the canine and provide him with primary care to corroborate his health condition.

“Thank you, guys, for the support.”

Fortunately, the little animal is quite healthy and 10 days after his rescue he entered the list of availability of canes for adoption. Hopefully he will soon find a home where he will be truly valued, as he proved to be a friendly little dog who didn’t deserve for anything in the world what was done to him.

All this dog needs is the opportunity to share in a warm home while he receives love and protection.

He deserves to heal the wounds in his heart to make way for a new life, luckily, angels appeared at the right time to help him survive such a dangerous situation.

This happy ending causes commotion in the networks, most people admire the rescue work they undertook to help.

It is everyone’s commitment to look out for the rights and welfare of the innocent and vulnerable animals. We applaud the gesture of those who bet everything to change the fate of this dog.

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