They do their best to save a mare that after getting excited ended up trapped in a canal.

Animals, just like humans, can get carried away by their emotions and unintentionally end up in real trouble.

This is the case of an adorable 19-year-old mare that ended up in a canal by mistake. The mare lives on a farm in the town of Pontoise, northern France.

This mare’s ride ended in a rescue.

Unwittingly, the helpless animal was trapped in the canal without the possibility of getting out on her own. Traits of the North, as the mare is called slid down a slope after having an excessive impulse of joy.

The mare who suffers from a bone disease, ended up with half of her body covered in water, due to her illness it was even more difficult for her to get out on her own so it took a whole rescue team to get her out.

Heavy machinery and many people were needed for the rescue.

The farm Les Z’Herbes Folles released the news through their Facebook account, they highlight that the mare has been with them for 8 years and knows the facilities very well, however, a sudden attack of emotion made her end up pending down. In this regard they comment:

“She didn’t fall, she didn’t trip, she just had an impulse of joy too close to the water. Fortunately, the farm team witnessed the scene and was able to intervene. Immediately, veterinarians, firefighters, Les Z’Herbes Folles team and municipal staff were called in as reinforcements to pull our grandmother out of her mud bath.

Once again, it took the professionalism and tenacity of the firefighters, veterinarians and volunteers to get the mare out, who for a few seconds became a unicorn flying over the centuries-old basin of the Château de Marcouville park.”

The staff had to perform several maneuvers during the rescue, even requiring a special crane and harness to lift the mare to dry land.

Fortunately, Northern Traits seemed to understand that she was in a difficult situation and was completely responsive.

Although the rescue was by no means simple, they finally managed to get her out without causing her any injuries, beyond the dirt and the big scare she got, she was released.

The joy of this mare made her end up in a swampy situation, she will surely be more careful the next time she walks near water. Infinite thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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