This cat visits the beach for the first time and can’t stop smiling

A cat expressed his total happiness when he met the beach for the first time and touched the hearts of many people who have become his fans.

Some people believe that cats, unlike dogs, are not very enthusiastic when it comes to leaving home and facing other environments and territories.

However, many adventurous cats have made certain people question that belief. Such as this kitty who on her first visit to the beach left everyone amazed with her reaction.

Semsema lived the unique experience of knowing the sea… And she loved it!

It has been proven that certain kittens can enjoy as much as dogs a good hike, a trip to remote places on the planet or a good bike or motorcycle ride.

Semsema Mahmoud is an adorable kitty who had to deal with the stress of going to the beach for the first time, only to discover that she loved going for a walk with her owner and seeing new destinations.

Her owner was apprehensive about how her kitty would fare at the beach, a place unknown to her.

Semsema will never forget the first time she enjoyed the sand and had the pleasure of watching the sea, just as children never forget their first day at school. She definitely had too much fun on that unconventional day!

The feline was so pleased that she couldn’t stop smiling, for her the beach was like a giant sandbox.

Semsema’s owner shared her kitty’s adventure on a Facebook group called Club Travel Secrets.

Apparently, the cat loved to lie down and enjoy the sea and the sand.

Pictures of her permanent smile soon went around the world melting millions of hearts. She simply couldn’t stop expressing the happiness she felt in that place that seemed like paradise to her.

It was there that thousands of users had the pleasure of knowing about this family’s walk and how the little girl had fared on her first day at sea.

Semsema’s enthusiasm can definitely be seen in every photo. Far from being nervous or scared, the kitty seems to be extremely happy to spend a day away from home, away from the routines of her usual confinement in an apartment.

For the cat, the trip to the beach was one of the happiest experiences of her life.

Not only did she enjoy the sand, she also took a well-deserved nap in one of the chairs under the shade of the trees, while she felt the sea breeze caressing her fur.

Hundreds of people commented on Semsema’s owner’s album and how cute the kitty looked there!

A day Semsema will never forget

Many agreed that her joy and enthusiasm was part of the good attitude that the vast majority of people should have right now.

Like a good adventurer, Semsema did not let herself be frightened by new experiences and lived them to the fullest.

So, the next time you’re thinking of embarking on a trip or an adventure, don’t rule out the possibility of your cat becoming your accomplice.

You might be surprised at your pet’s willingness to accompany you on these journeys! Of course, do as Semsema’s owner did, take all the necessary precautions to make the walk perfect.

There is no doubt that Semsema is a creature who knows a lot about life, she is a cat who knows what happiness means and enjoys every moment as if it were her last.

So behind this adorable anecdote hides a valuable lesson for everyone about the importance of living life to the fullest, taking advantage of every experience we treasure in our hearts.

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