This girl helped find a missing puppy! You’ll be surprised to know how she found her

Some individuals have a natural affinity towards animals. Meghan Topping, a six-year-old girl from Morgan Hill, California, is one such example.

Many people refer to her as the “dog whisperer” because of her actions with a missing dog. This is because her actions helped get Daisy, a German shepherd mix, out of trouble.

Daisy had been adopted from a shelter in Hollister, California, which is in the northernmost part of the state. After that, she went missing.

Thankfully, individuals looking for Daisy could contact Meghan, who had a deep affinity with dogs and had been raised in a foster home for dogs her whole life.

Daisy escaped from her new home.

Daisy’s problems started immediately after she was adopted from the shelter. She’d gotten lost after fleeing her new home’s backyard, where she was still a little nervous.

Daisy’s new family got information that she had been sighted in the neighborhood after posting to the Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook page.

Daisy could not be rescued by anybody.

The search lasted two months and yielded no results.

“She was fighting or fleeing.” All of the standard methods, such as cage traps and baiting with odorous meals, were ineffective. “Our only way to win her confidence was to persuade her to remember anything,” Deanna Barth, an animal rescue specialist, told KSBW.

Daisy’s family requested assistance from Meghan.

That’s when the family decided to seek assistance from Meghan and her family. Daisy had been a foster dog at Meghan’s house and had become attached to the six-year-old.

Daisy’s relatives travelled 30 minutes from their house to assist in locating her after learning she was missing.

Daisy was soon discovered by Meghan and her mother.

Meghan and her mother, Karen, drove throughout the neighborhood, stopping at places she was known to visit. Meghan advised her mother to wait in the vehicle after noticing Daisy.

“She informed me. Because you can communicate with dogs in your head.” She assured me that if Mom remained in the vehicle, she would come to me,” Meghan said.

Meghan had to be patient in order to gain Daisy’s confidence.

Meghan moved carefully across the meadow toward her old acquaintance. Daisy recognized her immediately and moved closer to Meghan.

Meghan realized it was critical not to startle her as she moved closer.

So she began by caressing Daisy to calm her down.

Meghan placed a leash on Daisy and led her to the vehicle after she was satisfied she was calm and had Daisy’s confidence.

“I was simply assuming that whatever was meant to happen would be.” “And it was meant to be,” Meghan said.

Thanks to Meghan and her remarkable dog whispering powers, Daisy was saved and reunited with her family.

Watch the video below to learn more about this touching tale!

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