Thousands of people received these strange postcards with strange symbols and the caption “They’re coming.”

According to my newest study, tens of thousands of people in the United States, Canada, and Europe got a strange post card in the mail recently. It states, “They’re coming,” along with a bunch of strange symbols and numerals.

One set of digits appears to be a phone number with the area code of Roswell, New Mexico. After 30 seconds of strange static, clicking, and wind-whooshing noises, we were unplugged. The noises are the same every time we call.

I did some additional research and learned that people on Reddit are actively debating this issue, with everyone having an opinion.

One Reddit user expressed it like way:

“Today, when I call the number, the voice is different. “There’s something unusual going on,” a voice adds at this time.

Is there anyone out there that has any idea what this is?

There have been several hypotheses presented.

Some believe that the governments are preparing us for the arrival of aliens. I’d like to remind you that they said that numerous files will be declassified in June.

Others believe that the governments are plotting a false flag, a fictitious Alien invasion, to terrify us into banding together. The global reset is a large-scale global initiative.

Others, on the other hand, argue that it’s all a question of marketing. Why would I inform tens of thousands of people on two continents that a business or whatever else is going to open without even mentioning the name or location? Obviously…

Check out the video below to hear the audio from the phone call.

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