Three-legged cat finally returns to the home where he knew a family’s kindness

A three-legged cat met true love after his heart was broken by the departure of the one he loved the most.

Although we are more accustomed to cats as pets, the reality is that there are many who live exposed to the din and the onslaught of life on the streets. But there are also many kind-hearted people who look out for them and rescue them, for which they are always grateful.

The poor cat was wandering the streets.

One such case is that of Bubby, a beautiful red-haired kitten who was found by a man while wandering lost and alone in the city. The meeting between this kitten and his rescuer happened eight years ago in Canada. Since then they have become inseparable.

The stray was missing one of his paws and part of his tail. And so, just as he was, he stole the heart, affection and love of his human father. From day one, the cat entered his new home through the kitchen and made it his own. But he also made a new best friend named Seson, another pet in the house.

Season, his best friend

Despite his unhappiness with being a house cat and his disability, this wonderful three-legged feline went to his buddy’s door every day to fetch him to go out in search of adventure, until Seson unfortunately passed away.

Although his best friend was no longer around, Bubby continued his regular visits to the man’s home and was lovingly cared for by everyone in the family. But, one fateful day the man he loved so much and who took him off the streets passed away. The family was shocked and never heard from the cat again.

His heart was broken into a thousand pieces

In 2019, Ray Pinsent, a neighbor of Bubby’s family saw him and remembered the beautiful bond between him and his late handler. The tabby had become older and weaker, after spending difficult years on the streets.

He became aggressive, but was also in dire need of medical attention. Ray tried to find him and bring him to safety, but after months of trying, the intelligent feline evaded him.

When the harsh Canadian winter arrived, Ray worried that the cat couldn’t hold on. He knocked on the door of the man who now had a new owner and asked about the cat.

The owner only saw Bubby from time to time and paid no attention to him. Ray begged her to keep the door open from now on and to let him know when she saw the cat so he could come and get it.

The next day, she called him to tell him the cat was there, sitting in her kitchen. Ray dropped everything and went to pick him up. He wasn’t sure if Bubby would make it, but the least he could do was give him a chance.

“Bubby was dehydrated, beat up and everything. He was sent to the vet and wouldn’t have survived another storm,” shared Sarah MacLeod, a volunteer with Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables.

As the orange kitty began his healing process at the shelter, the deceased’s daughter came across a post asking for more information about Bubby.

“She went ahead and told me Bubby’s story. She cried when she saw him and brought him his favorite dishes,” Sarah said.

Fortunately, the kitty is stable and now eats from the dishes he once ate from in the home he loved so much. Thanks to the beautiful bond with the human he will never forget.

It’s a story that touches anyone. It is important for the community to recognize the benefits that the presence of stray cats and dogs bring to our lives.

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