Time may not Exist at all, the Quantum Experiment shows

Seven years ago, in 2012, one paper, which was published by Nature Physics, has shown the world that our present is, in fact, constrained by our future and our past. This means that what occurs now, in our past, may be dependent on what occurred in our future. Although this did not make sense for a lot of people, for those who are in quantum physics matters, it made a huge difference.

Well, quantum physics may be said to be something which a lot of people find it difficult to wrap their heads around. Although a lot of them will do their best in order to comprehend it, they can sometimes be left in confusion.

This was not the single time quantum physicists studied the time structure.

It was done in the past, and something which is going to be researched and studied in the years in the future.

This ‘delayed-choice’ experiment has been a groundbreaking one which is also said to be the modified variety of the so-called double slit experiment. This double silt experiment has been that in which some small bits of matter have been shot towards one screen with two slits inside it. While on the screen’s other side, there was a high technology camera which recorded the landing of protons. When one slit closes, the camera shows some expected pattern, the one you can see in this video here.

However, regarding the opening of the two slits, there comes up the so-called ‘interference pattern.’ These will start acting like some kind of waves, and every photon will individually go through the two slits simultaneously. It will go through one of the two slits, through the two of them, or none of them. Then, the matter pieces will become waves of potential.

On the other hand, the so-called ‘delayed-choice’ experiment was demonstrated several times, and in an almost identical way as the double silt experiment was. This one includes the adding of the quantum eraser in the mix. You can watch this video here, in order to find something more about the experiment or also about the differences existing between both of the experiments.

Talking about quantum physics, this kind of thing looks like a regular phenomenon. The second experiment suggests that the quantum entanglement definitely exists, no matter of the time. This, in fact, means that just two bits of matter may be entangled continuously in time. All this also points to the huge answer which says that the time which we know, does not really exist.

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