Tiny Chihuahua puppy left by her owners, keeps running away from those who wanted to help her

There are many dogs rescued from properties after their owners decided to move and leave behind the small member of the family that accompanied them for years.

While this may be due to several factors such as lack of money or simply that pets are not allowed in the new residence, nothing justifies leaving a helpless being out in the open who has no choice but to learn to survive without his family.

The little one, left by her owners, did not stop running away from her heroes, who only wanted to help her.

This is the story of a little dog that was rescued from the backyard of a house, although the whereabouts of her former family are completely unknown. What really matters is that she was spotted in time by a kind-hearted man who didn’t hesitate to ask for help and to get members of an animal welfare organization to come and get her.

A dog rescue team based in Los Angeles received the call informing them about the abandonment of a puppy, without hesitation, they approached the property and found total chaos.

The property was littered with debris that was dangerous for the puppy.

The puppy was disoriented and from the first moment she avoided her rescuers. She ran quickly and hid in the rubble to avoid being caught.

Every call they made to her was in vain, she just kept running away, they tried to persuade her with food but this did not work either, some workers from a construction site near the property also participated to try to catch her but the dog was very agile.

After a long time she enjoyed her first bath.

The best option for the rescuers was to fence the area with plastic fences and try to corner her, after several minutes the rescue mission seemed impossible but finally they managed to catch her after fencing with a smaller perimeter around the yard.

The little furry one did not trust humans, she barked and growled quite often, she still did not recognize that they only wanted to help her. Slowly, the Chihuahua began to calm down, and before long her rescuer had gained her trust and was able to take her much calmer to the veterinary clinic.

After a long day they were able to gain her trust.

Upon arrival she was given a general check-up and a good bath, which undoubtedly changed her appearance completely. Despite everything she had to face all alone, the dog had no major injuries, she needed a good diet and vitamins to become a healthy and strong dog.

For safety she was spayed and assigned a microchip.

Tobie’s Small Dog Rescue offered to take the sweet dog, they named her Baby and did their best to find her a loving forever home.

Sweet Baby is now happier than ever, she already trusts humans and loves being the center of attention, best of all it didn’t take long for her to be adopted.

This little pampered furball is the queen of the house, her life changed completely thanks to the empathy of a man who decided to act and call qualified personnel to give her the help she so desperately needed.

We are heartbroken that such a tiny creature has been abandoned by her family. How long do these cruel abandonments, which leave indelible marks in the hearts of these helpless creatures, have to go on?

If you can no longer keep your pet, ask for help from an organization, family or friend, but never abandon a puppy that is not to blame for your decisions. They just want attention and mischief next to those they love so much.

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