Tiny kitten found lying on cold concrete in the rain, had exhausted her strength

A tiny kitten lying on the cold concrete in the rain thought her minutes were numbered. Truly, for a vulnerable being like her, the only thing left to do was to lie down and die, but fortunately that is not what happened.

For many, there is nothing better than a rainy day to enjoy blankets and a delicious hot drink. However, on these occasions it is always good to take a look around to see if there are any street animals looking for shelter.

This is what one woman did and thanks to her huge heart she managed to save the life of a baby kitten that had already lost all hope.

The tiny kitten was saved in time after being dumped on the cold concrete in the rain.

Many people had seen her but everyone ignored her. The poor kitten lay on the concrete completely motionless and at first glance anyone would think that she had already lost her life.

When one woman saw her, her heart crumpled and she didn’t hesitate to stop.

“I don’t understand how anyone can act indifferent if they find a kitten in this situation,” said one netizen.

How were they able to go this far?

When he approached her he noticed that the kitten was still breathing heavily. He looked for some paper to carry her and took her home.

There she received help from her son and together they investigated everything they could do to save the poor kitten. The kitten was so small that she had not yet opened her eyes.

At such a young age, she had already experienced the worst side of humanity.

She was also unable to eat on her own, as at that stage she needed her mother for food. Unfortunately, the mother was nowhere to be found and it was obvious that the kitten needed to be fed as soon as possible.

After some research on the internet, a bottle of milk was prepared for her. Immediately, the little furry one latched on and seemed really grateful.

The kitten began to suck desperately as if there was no tomorrow.

They didn’t know how long she had been in the rain but the poor thing was shivering with cold. As the weeks passed they saw the wonderful fruit of their efforts.

The kitten was getting more and more beautiful and growing into a healthy and strong little furry cat. By this time they had grown fond of her so they decided to name her Iris and officially welcome her into the family.

“How nice that there are still good-hearted people out there to help these little animals! They are wonderful beings,” thanked a user on the networks.

With a little effort and thanks to the love of her mother and her human brother, she began to thrive.

Through his Reddit account, the woman’s son decided to tell the beautiful story of the rescue. The before and after pictures were so shocking that the story soon went viral. Thousands of users thanked them for their huge heart. Had it not been for them, the cute kitten would have lost her life alone and in silence.

These cases undoubtedly make us question ourselves as humans, about the tremendous capacity we have to do evil and be so merciless with vulnerable and defenseless creatures. Fortunately, on the other side there are always heroes willing to erase with their kindness and their work, the evil of others. And these little animals can rewrite their history.

Never hesitate to give a little of your time to an animal in distress. The furry ones will always thank you with lots of love and the best of company.

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