Touched by the reunion of a newborn deer with its mother after being saved from a sewage net

Some nice people stepped up to help the baby deer out and a post about its rescue is winning hearts on Facebook.

Any story of an innocent animal being rescued from tough spot brings happiness to people and this one about a baby deer is no different. The little animal was stuck in a sewer grate and needed some help getting out so it could reunite with its mother. Thankfully, some nice people stepped up and helped the animal out. A post about the rescue is winning hearts on Facebook.

The share has been posted on the Facebook page of North Olmsted Police Department. The post details that while usually police advises residents in North Olmsted, Ohio, to stay away from baby deer if they find them, this time there was one that needed help.

“Yesterday, the owner of Sittoo’s Restaurant in North Olmsted (great food by the way) called to report that he had a fawn stuck in a sewer grate behind the business that wasn’t able to free itself,” says the post.

So while the deer’s mother stood close by, a few officers rushed to rescue the baby and managed to free it. “The mother was extremely thankful to be reunited with her young one,” says the post in the end. The share is complete with pictures from the rescue op.

Take a look at the entire post:

Since being posted last evening, the post has collected more than 150 shares and many reactions.

“Great job!! So glad there’s a happy ending!” wrote a Facebook user. “This is a wonderful story. I am so glad the mom understood they were helping,” posted another.

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