Unexpectedly, scientists discovered a cave with its own atmosphere that is 5.5 million years old

The Movile Cave is an ancient cave that dates back 5.5 million years and was discovered in southern Romania. You could assume it’s just another cave system in the countryside, but you’d be mistaken; there’s quite a difference here, to say the least. The primary point we’ll discuss today is that this cave has a completely different atmosphere from the rest of the globe since it has evolved independently of the rest of the world.

Being sealed off from the world as we know it has caused it to become quite the duckling, to say the least, with it having a compressed seven to ten percent oxygen inside of the air here in comparison to our normal twenty-one percent

Not only that, but the carbon dioxide itself has the potential to kill millions of people in only five to six hours, making this one of the most dangerous discoveries we’ve ever come across.

That’s not all; over 48 new species have been identified here so far, none of which can be found anywhere else on the planet. That’s exactly, if you tried to examine them by plucking them out, you’d end up with a lot of dead corpses, to put it mildly. Believe us when we say that the experts have already tried.

We owe it to Rich Bowden to thank him for this, as he was the first to uncover the vast majority of species that developed here on their own.

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