Unwanted “ugly” puppy melts in tears as he is pampered for the first time in his life

Every homeless dog is sadly forced to suffer abandonment and desperation to find food on the streets.

The most unfortunate thing is that many of them are not simple strays, but abandoned furries; they once belonged to a family, but after so many years alone, sick and starving, they end up defeated and heartbroken, no longer willing to fight.

A poor little dog constantly rejected and called “ugly” by everyone did not know what awaited him.

That was the drama of a homeless puppy who had to live in abandonment, hunger, cold and loneliness for many years.

He had already become accustomed to all the filth around him, and simply wanted to stay away from the hateful humans. But hunger often forced him to come out of hiding.

Even though his self-esteem was at rock bottom, his empty tummy drove him to beg for mercy.

During one of those moments of utter desolation, the poor starving little dog ended up on a woman’s doorstep, never imagining that she was the angel that fate had in store for him to change his life forever.

The woman’s heart broke into a thousand pieces when she saw the skittish dog doing his best to hide his dirty face and disheveled state.

It was clearly noticeable as if he was used to being singled out and mistreated for his appearance.

The humans managed to convince him that he was the ugliest of them all and that he did not deserve anyone’s love or compassion.

It was then that the woman could not remain indifferent and decided to rescue the unfortunate dog and gently persuaded him to follow her.

The poor little guy was scared at first, but he sensed the woman’s good intentions and finally surrendered his fate into her hands!

How good it felt to finally have someone try to pet him without caring that he was ugly!

A touching video captures the scenes where the woman spends hours to leave the little dog in the best possible condition.

But what she never imagined was that the furry little dog would respond with tears of gratitude after so many shows of love, especially when he received his first bath.

It was as if he savored every second of cleanliness, but above all of feeling pampered, caressed and protected by a human.

He couldn’t believe that there were people who didn’t insult him, hit him, or throw him out for being dirty and not being so handsome.

When he finally understands that he is safe in the arms of his savior, he doesn’t hesitate to crawl adorably into her lap. And he enjoys how she gently dries him and combs his hair, as if he were a sweet baby.

The little ball of fur is in good hands now, and will never again have to cry for food or a roof over its head

Truly, we appreciate this kind woman’s gesture for saving this beautiful dog. He looks so unrecognizable that he looks like another puppy.

But what is really touching is to see how the little furry dog is able to differentiate that he can trust her and he does not stop thanking her for so much love.

In his eyes you can still see his sad past but we are convinced that now he trusts and knows that next to his angel, nothing bad can happen to him again.

This is one more case in which we humans have no idea of the terrible damage we can do to a creature whose only sin was to be a victim of abandonment and neglect.

We truly wish that every suffering and oppressed puppy finds an angel to rescue him from the abyss.


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