Veterinarian fights back when stranger yells insult at his one-eyed puppy

Veterinarian and BBC presenter James Greenwood has one of the most adorable puppies in the world. He is a beautiful Labrador retriever named Oliver who won his heart from the very first moment.

Oliver was rescued when he was just a puppy, a few months after he was born he was attacked by another adult Labrador, which caused his eye to prolapse.

He was the only one of the litter that did not find a family, it is possible that being one-eyed limited his options among adopters.

Veterinarian recounted his bitter experience after his one-eyed puppy was offended.

But the vet saw in the puppy a being of light full of love. He thought that despite his scars he was a beautiful little dog, so he decided to make him a member of his family.

Now he is a precious ball of fur that conquers everyone with his beautiful way of being. However, for some people Oliver is not so attractive and they have the audacity to say it up front.

This was the situation experienced by the BBC presenter when he went for a routine walk with his puppy, because a foreigner made a derogatory comment about Oliver’s appearance.

Faced with this, Greenwood, took to social networks to share his bitter experience after a person shouted at him that his puppy was “extremely ugly”.

On Instagram, the stricken veterinarian wrote:

“To this guy today: Oliver is “extremely ugly”. But he’s a dog and he can’t respond back. Which basically made you look completely stupid. Absolutely stupid,” Greenwood said, alongside an adorable photo of Oliver.

The furry lover told his followers about the bitter time, but far from sowing negative sentiment for the person responsible for the comment towards his pooch, he highlighted all the positives Oliver causes in other people.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the vet to receive messages of love for Oliver.

Many people commented on how beautiful he is, and overflowed all their love for a dog who, despite seeming different, is a dog just like any other.

The outpouring of love and support increased when Greenwood received photos from his followers showing them their one-eyed puppies.

Without a doubt, all dogs are adorable regardless of the scars that make them look different.

Fortunately, for every person who makes negative comments about the dogs, there are hundreds of people willing to add up and make a difference in their lives.

Faced with this, the veterinarian not only thanked all the love shown to the adorable Oliver, but also took the opportunity to highlight all the positive things he has and how happy he can make others with just his presence. In this regard, he highlighted:

“What I also want to share with you is the countless amount of smiles that Oliver somehow manages to magically plant on people’s faces when they walk past us. It really is a wonderful thing to go for a walk with Oliver, it’s a sight to behold! If Oliver has taught me anything, it’s that there are many, many more good people in this world than bad.”

Oliver is happy no matter what his little face looks like. To those who love and gaze upon him with love, he is the most beautiful little dog in the world.

Unfortunately, there will always be people who will want to harm with their words, just keep in mind that there are many more people who respect and love animals, willing to give them compliments and fill them with love as many times as necessary.

May the beautiful always add up and gain prominence in our lives. Let’s accept and respect all the furry ones with their scars, with their past. They only come to give us love and it is up to us to make them happy.


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