Veterinarian is touched by kitten’s “amulet” to keep him safe

Just like a child, a kitten also loves its special stuffed animal. A green dragon, in this case, from which the little animal doesn’t let go at all. In its company, the kitten feels protected and brave.

The kitten always stays close to his beloved green dragon stuffed animal.

The kitten lives with the Smart family and his human mother, Samantha, residents of Florida, United States. All members are loyal animal lovers and advocates for all those who are handicapped on the streets.

It was precisely on one occasion when they heard the meowing of this tender specimen. They immediately began to look for him, guided by his whimpering. Some neighbors joined the search, but to no avail.

“It wasn’t just a meow, it was a sad little cry for help. I had the whole neighborhood working as a team to find him and catch him so we could help him,” said Samantha Smart.

While the Smart’s already had a kitten at home, and hadn’t really considered getting another one, they wanted to help rescue this one. All of this was to prevent any tragedy from happening to it.

However, as it turned out, fate had something else in store for them. When they came face to face with the crybaby, it was simply humanly impossible for them to let go of him. It was love at first meow.

Samantha’s youngest daughter, Violet, was delighted with the furball, whom they named Ponyo. The little girl wanted the kitten to have, like her, a friend to go to sleep and play with.

So she chose a green doll she called ‘Dragon’, and just like that, she gave it to him. But, Ponyo had to be neutered, which made him very nervous. They took him to “Operation Catnip”, an organization specializing in kitten spaying and neutering.

In particular, they perform this type of surgery on the most vulnerable animals from the street. Samantha, meanwhile, decided to put ‘Dragon’ in Ponyo’s small cage to make him feel calmer.

“My daughter Violet spent some time choosing the perfect friend for him to sleep with, and decided on a dragon. She sleeps with ‘Dragon’ every night and spends a lot of time dragging him around the house,” Samantha recounted.

The staff at the facility also fell in love with the sweet feline just by looking at him. They thought he was very cute because he was attached to his stuffed dragon all the time.

Therefore, everyone at the veterinary medical center agreed that the dragon should be close to the kitten during the entire surgical process. The charismatic little animal recovered together with his best green friend.

The truth is that his rehabilitation was very fast and efficient, thanks to the good offices and loyal company of his best green friend. But, moreover, to the zealous and loving care of his dear family.

“When Ponyo woke up from anesthesia, he started meowing and was understandably confused, so we made sure his dragon was nearby,” said Melissa Jenkins, a worker at the institution.

The tender post was made public on a Facebook page dedicated to animals. Thousands of Internet users appreciated the family’s gesture by rescuing him and offering him not only a place to sleep, but a real home full of love.

Ponyo and his youngest friend Dragon continue and will continue to enjoy great adventures together.

All animals deserve to live a dignified life, to be loved and respected by humans. It is extremely important to remember that adoption exists. Doggies, kittens, all living beings need second chances in life.

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