Weak and sad a little dog was trying to survive on the road when a couple approached him

A little dog named Flint was in an extremely dangerous situation when he was rescued by a good Samaritan. Fortunately for the stray pit bull, he was rescued at the last minute and went on to find a permanent home with his hero.

His new family shared the story of how they came to save Flint and how he ended up becoming a treasured member of their family:

The little dog was on the verge of collapse when he was found

“My fiancée left for work one morning, and about five minutes later I got a call from her. She came across this poor unconscious dog in the middle of the street, almost getting hit by one or two cars.”

His wife couldn’t seem to say no to this dog and stepped aside to get his attention, just as another driver almost hit him.

She really couldn’t let him end up dead and, honestly, we have no doubt that he would have died if this couple hadn’t decided to help.

Although they are not activists who dedicate themselves every day to fight for the defense of animal rights, nor do they constantly do rescue work on the streets, when faced with a situation like that they could not refuse to help.

Thanks to this couple’s gesture of solidarity, the dog was able to change his destiny forever to enjoy the quality of life he deserves after having suffered so much.

They felt so much compassion for the poor dog that they acted to offer him the care he needed.

So they took him home, fortunately it was close to where the little dog was, and the improvised rescuers got their hands full of the hundreds of fleas that the pit bull had on him. It took about 3 washes with flea shampoo to control the infestation.

It was obvious that the dog could use some food, so they bought a large can of dog food from a nearby store and fed him.

Despite the horrors he experienced on the street, nobility prevailed in this little dog.

He was taken to the vet for a full examination and a prescription for some medications that he could take at that time to begin treating his many ailments.

He had heartworms, as well as two other types of worms that the couple can’t remember exactly what they were, but luckily for Flint and his new temporary family, they were treatable.

After medications, injections, and treatments, Flint began to gain a little more weight and started to improve considerably from the heartworm disease.

But the battle was not won. The little dog would continue to be treated, gaining more and more weight until he reached his ideal body shape, and overcoming, little by little and with a lot of willpower, the disease that was threatening his life.

After facing several adversities, he finally received the love he needed so much and always deserved.

Not only does he have a family to love; he also has an adorable dog brother.

Free of heartworms and ailments, all of his shiny fur has fully grown out and transformed into the most loving little thing you can see on a dog.

Flint is a wonderfully lucky dog and it’s obvious that his new family adores him. It’s amazing what can happen when you take a few minutes to help an animal in need, it’s certainly worth it to offer a helping hand to these vulnerable beings who suffer the ravages of neglect and abandonment.

It is everyone’s commitment to help animals in need and to fight against abandonment and unfair treatment. Fortunately this little dog had a happy ending after suffering so much.

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