When the fireman who had saved the abused dog saw her again, he was speechless

Mike had to fight back tears when the puppy wagged her tail at him! How could a puppy who was dying a just day ago change so much?

Sacramento firefighter Mike Thawley was on the way to an emergency call when he heard a puppy’s distressed cries coming from behind a tree. Mike finished his duty, but the thought of the puppy kept bothering him. He drove back to the tree, and was heartbroken to find a sick puppy on the verge of death.

Mike discovered that puppy was abused and neglected by her owners, who had callously left her tied to the tree in the pouring rain. Her sore skin was full of oozing open wounds due to mange. Mike took her in and gave her a warm bath to ease her pain.

Mike named the Pit Bull puppy “Chunkie” and took her to the “Front Street Animal Shelter” for further care. However, the kind-hearted firefighter couldn’t stop thinking about the puppy all day. He knew Chunkie was in good hands, but he still needed to see her again.

In this video, we see Mike’s visit to the shelter just a day after Chunkie’s rescue. He is surprised to find the puppy in a cute pink sweater that covers her hairless body. But it is Chunkie’s reaction on seeing him that truly catches him off guard!

The trauma in Chunkie’s eyes is now replaced with hope. She is no longer timid as she eagerly jumps into her savior’s arms and expresses her gratitude with earnest kisses! Mike is so touched by Chunkie’s love that he is considering the possibility of fostering and adopting this special girl! We wish Chunkie a quick recovery and a happy life!

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