When they arrived to save her, Lilly was almost breathing her last breath next to a cardboard box

A helpless puppy named Lilly was on the verge of losing her life, had it not been for the quick action of a group of people who are definitely changing the reality of many helpless animals.

Lilly was just weeks old and already knew what pain was.

The members of the rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited have become like guardian angels for stray puppies in critical health conditions.

They are, without a doubt, one of our favorite organizations because of the great commitment they have with the most vulnerable furry dogs, full of love they offer these beings a second chance, transforming their lives completely.

Where others see a bag of fleas and bones, they see a puppy that deserves to have a dignified life full of love.

Recently, they responded to a call about a puppy in agony, and while they are used to dealing with tough scenes, this one far surpassed any other rescue case they have done.

The creature lay unconscious with almost no vital signs.

Little Lilly had been through a lot of pain and was unconscious, on the verge of death on the side of a cardboard box. When the rescuers arrived, the first thing they noticed was that her breathing was very slow, something that normally happens just before the whole organism collapses.

Her health condition was critical, so they were not sure that the dog would make it.

With great care, one of the volunteers took Lilly in his arms and transferred her to the clinical center where she was given all the help she needed. The furry dog was severely dehydrated, so she had to be given an IV.

These men would do everything they could to help her.

The vets said she was in shock from extreme dehydration, with dry skin and low blood pressure, it was a real challenge for the vets to place the IV catheter. His condition was quite delicate.

They were the ones who decided to call the sweet little dog, Lilly.

After a few minutes they managed to give her all the treatment she needed, the main thing was to hydrate her and stabilize her vital signs, the rest of the day, sweet Lilly was under observation and under a lot of care.

The next day what happened surprised the entire rescue team.

The little girl was able to stand up and had enough energy to play. Everyone at the shelter was amazed and delighted with this warrior who in only 24 hours managed to recover. This after the terrible state in which she had been found.

Full of energy and with lots of love to give, the little dog woke up and kept giving sweet kisses to her caregivers. A beautiful way to thank those people who had done so much for her.

Being so small and her health so vulnerable, Lilly will have to spend some time at Animal Aid’s sanctuary before she finds the home she deserves. But we are sure they will take good care of her and do everything they can to get her into the arms of a real family.

A small miracle that now fills every corner of the sanctuary with joy.

Lilly managed to be saved thanks to all the care of these angels but also thanks to the good heart of the people who donate.

If it is within your reach, do not hesitate to help organizations like this one. Together we can be the change we want to see. Donate, adopt and change the lives of these furry angels.

Her recovery is a true miracle. See for yourself in the following video:


Stray dogs need more visibility not only among animal lovers, but to anyone willing to transform the lives of the most vulnerable.

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