Wild fox with teary eyes cooperates with rescuers after being found by the roadside

Foxes are very cute little animals but sometimes feared by some people because of their known wild instincts. However, some drivers put aside their fears to help a small fox injured on the side of the road.

This fox thanked his loving rescuers in the most genuine way.

The scene occurred in Cellamare, province of Bari, southern Italy. Some local drivers noticed the presence of the creature very close to the road and feared not only for the safety of the people but also for the fox itself.

The men decided to inform the authorities so that specialists could arrive on the scene and save the fox. While help was on the way, the drivers skirted the area so that the animal would not be run over.

The specimen was alone and frightened.

The fox looked quite young and helpless but it was still a wild animal, so it was best for professionals to carry out the rescue, and so it happened.

“The patrol of operators of the National Association for Animal Protection, Nature and Environment (Anpana) intervened after a citizen’s report to the aid of a small fox of about one year old. It was lying wounded on the road, in the municipal territory of Cellamare”, Anpana reported on its Facebook account.

The little one was trembling with fear.

Although by instinct the creature could have attacked the men who approached it to help, the animal did not. The poor thing was so scared that it ended up cooperating with its own rescue.

“Upon seeing the operator Anpana approaching, the fox did not put up any resistance, in fact, with its gaze towards the operator, it seemed to ask for help, that’s why it was secured without any attempt to break free or bite,” they added in the Facebook post.

The little fox was treated with extreme care by the rescuers, as they thought it might have suffered some internal injury as a result of the run-in.

The operators believe that the animal was lost and, being so young, all it did was fill with fear. The men took the boy to the Bitetto Regional Wildlife Observatory, a place where they will watch over him and feed him until it is safe to release him back into the wild.

He will soon be able to return home.

The fox’s fear had a happy ending thanks to the people who reported it, but especially because of the intervention of environmentalists. It is this kind of solidarity that makes the world a kinder place for all species to inhabit.

We all hope that this little fox recovers thanks to the care of these good people, share this rescue and send your congratulations to these men.


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