Woman always received flowers at her home until she discovered her secret admirer, a kitten

One woman couldn’t figure out who her secret admirer was, who always left flowers at her house. When she discovered that it was the fluffiest, fuzziest, most adorable creature, she couldn’t get over her amazement.

There is nothing like the thrill of having someone who loves you on the sly; and in Rosie’s case the surprise was much greater when she found out that “the lover” who left her flowers every day at the entrance of her house, was a flirtatious kitten.

The cat is extremely affectionate with all the neighbors. She knows how to win everyone’s heart and food.

Rosie had just moved into a neighborhood where a cuddly kitty named Willow was sure to be the queen of the neighborhood; and indeed she was. She gradually befriended her and would leave food for her when she made her visits.

“Willow is the queen of six gardens and I’m sure all of us neighbors feed her because she’s a cat you can’t say no to,” Rosie said.

The woman was always receiving flowers at her home without managing to discover who had such a loving detail

Rosie explained that if the kitty found the doors of the house closed, she wouldn’t give up; she would start meowing and knocking on the windows until they opened and she could get in the house.

Ever since Rosie moved in, the kitten would come to her house to nap.

One of the most impressive tokens of love was received by Rosie when she began to notice that every day her garden was filled with pretty pink flowers. The old lady assumed it was the wind moving them there, but she began to find the flowers so often that she began to suspect something was wrong.

The mystery was solved when another person who lived there noticed that it was Willow who always came to the garden to drop off various flowers.

It soon became clear that it was not some gentleman who secretly loved the old woman.

Quite the contrary, it was Willow herself, who was determined to prove who her favorite human was.

She carried them in her mouth and left them at the door of Rosie’s house as a beautiful symbol of love. The flowers looked like they were left by a willing admirer to make the atmosphere more romantic.

Willow had already left at least 10 flowers before Rosie realized it was her.

Rosie marveled at discovering the kitty’s cute gesture, and on the subject, she commented:

“She obviously loves us because she steals the flowers and then leaves them on our doorstep.”

Who could have guessed that this sweetie was the protagonist of this tender love story?

Since Rosie’s move, Willow has visited her almost every day and always walks around the house very confident of her reign there. Willow has won the love of all the neighbors, so she never lacks food, care and love.

All felines have the custom of bringing offerings to the one they consider the leader of the pack:

Rosie could not have imagined that she would be so well received when moving house, and even worse that all that attention would come from a sweet little kitty. Then there are those who say that animals have no feelings, and how wrong they are!

This cute story shows how grateful and loving kittens can be when they receive affection from humans. Many people could learn from Willow’s special touches as an example of what they could do for their partners.

Rarely do you get to see such a romantic kitty, don’t you think?

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