Woman finds her cat has been stealing dozens of neighbors’ shoes

A cat was discovered by his owner after he stole the shoes of almost the entire neighborhood where he lives. It turns out that the feline has a particular fondness for collecting other people’s shoes and, like the most expert of thieves, has taken it upon himself to take them home.

For some, cats can be a bit mysterious beings, and sometimes they do things with a parsimony and skill that only they would be able to do.

It is precisely these acts that have impressed Bj Ross, a cat mom from Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States, who doesn’t know what to do with her feline’s new fascination.

Little Jordan has a strange fascination with other people’s shoes.

Jordan likes to explore, so expeditions through his neighbors’ yards are his favorite pastime, but a few months ago he added something different to his routine.

The kitten used to surprise his owner with some objects he collected during his walks and give them to her as gifts, but now the matter has gotten out of control. So far he has brought her home dozens of shoes of all sizes and colors.

She did not expect to find so many shoes in the garden of her house, initially she was puzzled, but then she understood that it was a masterpiece of her beloved cat.

The woman discovered that her furry cat is stealing the shoes of the whole neighborhood.

When shoes of all shapes and sizes started showing up in her yard, Ross figured there was something fishy going on. She knew of Jordan’s wiles but didn’t imagine the extent of her little guy’s reach.

Intrigued by the situation, the woman installed security cameras in her home. She also installed a GPS in Jordan’s collar to find out how much the rascal was doing at night.

What the woman discovered was fascinating.

The cat was indeed responsible for the thefts, but he also traveled up to 12 kilometers per night to carry out his misdeeds.

Since he can only wear one shoe per trip, Jordan leaves and enters his residence countless times until he completes his day.

This image depicts the kitten’s GPS track in just one night.

Once Ross discovered what was going on, she decided to start a Facebook group to find the owners of the shoes. The embarrassed woman felt compelled to make amends for her feline’s antics.

“We’ve found the owner of some shoes so far – he took about six pairs! She couldn’t believe it was a cat. She thought her kids had lost them,” Ross revealed.

The kitty usually wears several pairs of shoes a night and according to the woman commented these are not just the items the little animal steals, although they are his favorite loot.

“We’ve probably had about 80 shoes. Also baseball gloves. Knee and elbow pads. Squeaky toys. And a bathing suit!” said Ross.

Though with much regret, this woman has dedicated herself to returning the shoes Jordan usually brings home, and to that end, the Facebook group has been all in.

Since Jordan’s fascination is widely known in the neighborhood, the people of Altoona should not be surprised when his shoes disappear because surely this rascal entered the complicit silence of the night and did his thing.

Cats are undoubtedly quite cunning beings but Jordan takes the prize with his ability to steal shoes, his case has caught the attention of thousands of people around the world.

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