Woman goes to clean abandoned house and finds puppy in attic

One woman’s ordinary day at work turned into an opportunity to save the life of an abandoned puppy inside a home that was suffering from the burden of neglect.

In early October, rescuer Jami Lassell received a call. They discovered a puppy in a bag of bones being kept hidden in the attic of a house her sister-in-law was cleaning.

The dog was finally able to see the sunlight.

The residence located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, was the scene of a cruel and completely reprehensible act. The owners of the property kept a helpless puppy hidden in the attic without giving her the minimum care required by any pet.

The situation shocked the worker so much that she nervously decided to contact her sister-in-law and rescuer, Jami Lassell.

The room was full of feces and the dog’s attempts to escape could be seen on the walls. It was an unfortunate situation that Jami went to without thinking, her heart just telling her that she needed to be rescued.

“I said, ‘I’ll be there in 10 minutes and I’ll come pick her up.’ And they replied, ‘We just have to warn you that it looks like just skin and bones.’ I don’t know the last time they gave her anything to eat,” Lassell said.

How long the dog had been resisting such inhumane treatment is impossible to find out.

Her body was very weak and she was living in a filthy room without any food. However, the rescuer was surprised to discover how loving the little furry dog could be.

It seems that the little dog understood that help had finally arrived.

The creature, christened Remi, showed Lassell how loving and grateful she was, an attitude that immediately impressed the woman.

“She’s the most loving dog I’ve ever met. As soon as she saw me, she started wagging her tail, she just wanted love,” Lassell explained.

Although the woman’s first plan at the time of responding to the rescue call was to get the dog out of the place and support her during her recovery, it must be said that in the past few weeks the whole thing has changed.

Jami has become so attached to Remi that now she is not willing to leave her side and the idea of someone else adopting her is unacceptable to her.

She decided to keep the pit bull.

Jami will finish rehabilitating the puppy to become her official mother for the rest of her days. After knowing firsthand the pain she had to live through and how noble this little animal is, she refuses to leave her alone. And even more so now that the dog might need surgery.

Remi not only suffered neglect, but also mistreatment in that attic.

When she was rescued, the dog received several chemical baths to combat her flea problem and also received the attention of a veterinarian.

The specialist determined that one of her paws was broken and if she did not recover, it would be necessary to operate on her. That news shocked Lassell even more, who admires Remi for all she has endured and how noble she continues to be with humans.

Those little caramel eyes have won everyone’s heart.

Despite having suffered, this little dog can’t stop giving love to every living creature that crosses her path. And her heart overflows even more when it comes to children.

“She is a very loving being. Every time she sees someone, her tail wags and her ears perk up. She’s even better with children than with other animals. We have four children at home, and she lets them pull her, pet her. Whatever a child does, she’ll let them play.”

In addition to joining a family with children, the puppy also met another canine who has become her best friend. This is Pittie, another of the family’s pets who is only 9 months old.

“They get along very well. They are best friends and do everything together. We go for walks all the time, they sleep together at night and sleep in bed with me,” said the happy owner.

Since the furry one came into their lives, there has been more activity in the house. But for Lassell, with Remi she can now feel that the nucleus is complete:

“We have two cats and two dogs, and she just completed everything. She’s my little baby,” expressed the loving owner.

Although Remi still has a long way to go before she is fully healed, she is in good hands. In fact, the family started a fundraising campaign to cover her medical expenses and possible surgery for her paw.

Thanks to this young woman for her quick response and for opening the doors of her home and her heart to a sweet dog in need. Now Remi can finally live a happy life.

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