XL-sized snout puppy becomes the most expert and adorable neighborhood pickpocket

Today we will tell the story of a little pickpocket dog and her long snout, which she uses for a great and sweet purpose. She loves treats, so she takes advantage of her elongated snout to get her hands on them more easily, extracting them from people’s pockets.

Like a professional pickpocket, Tupelo knows how to slip away with the loot hidden in her snout.

Tupelo’s muzzle is like few others. Particularly long, he uses it whenever he craves a good chocolate or any candy he sees wrong. Like the elusive pickpocket she has become, she grabs it and disappears from the map in a matter of microseconds.

But, not only does the little dog love her favorite treats with a passion, but toys as well. No matter what they look like, she just plays and eats. This is how Tupelo, a Borzoi breed, spends her life, carefree and spoiled by everyone who is amazed by the size and skill with which she handles her muzzle.

Images of this four-legged pickpocket doing her thing have been captured in some pretty incriminating photos and videos. Tupelo is a little dog capable of easily getting all the snacks she is provoked to eat, thanks to her long and infallible gun.

She knows what she wants, and she always gets her way.

Her human mother, Allison Cannarsa, tells the story of her beloved furry Tupelo’s first criminal adventures. The pickpocket by choice and self-definition started in this cute “business” when she was just a speck of fur.

From an early age she realized that her trumpet-like snout would give her an advantage over others like her. Moreover, she is so meticulous that, since then, the little dog began to study the places where her beloved Allison strategically kept her candies and confections.

Allison added that, to put an end to Tupelo’s sneaky thefts, she decided to stop taking treats on their walks together. However, just as she made a point of taking them from home, she also deduced that other human parents of other dogs in the park would have been able to pack some to give to their pets.

“As my little dog got older and smarter, I stopped taking treats with us. However, she was already well aware that other owners at the dog park, especially if they had a puppy, had probably packed treats with them,” Allison commented.

So, thanks to her snout, Tupelo developed such a strategy worthy of a pickpocket. The method of scamming that the naughty girl has developed is extremely simple.

Once she feels she is the center of attention, the action begins. The wicked woman begins to investigate the area of people’s pockets with her accomplice snout, like a bloodhound.

In addition to her long snout, the expert pickpocket has the perfect height to locate and remove them without making any noise. Whether it’s candy, balls or other utensils of her fancy, she disappears them as if by magic.

“If a dog owner is carrying a backpack and kneels down to play with it, Tupe doesn’t miss the opportunity to open the bag on his back to take out whatever it contains,” Allison added.

In fact, Tupelo’s illegal activities not only allow her to steal toys and sweets of all kinds at will. The little dog has an aggravating factor: she has been able to steal the hearts of everyone who knows her.

Dogs bring joy to our lives with their craziness and playfulness. Many of them only need to talk. That’s why we are unconditionally devoted to them, because they make our days happier, which perhaps no other animal is capable of matching.

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