“Zombie” kitten touches woman, now wears a crooked but beautiful smile every day

A stray kitten said goodbye to his misfortunes after being rescued and transferred to a veterinary clinic, his health condition was really pitiful, his little body was covered with fleas, he also had some serious infections, including Calicivirus, which caused him to lose the tissue around his mouth.

Kitten with a crooked smile knows true love at the side of her rescuer.

An animal rescuer in Turkey, Ahsen, heard about his story and quickly rushed to the scene to give him all the help he needed. When she arrived, she found a kitten that was misaligned, dirty, and with a condition that made him even more special than different.

Although the little kitten was a bit introverted, as soon as he saw Ahsen he stood up and stuck his paw out through the kennel. On this the woman commented:

“They said he was too small and wouldn’t last, but he hung in there.”

Ahsen couldn’t help but be moved by the plight of the kitten who was named Zombie, her prognosis was grim, but the woman was willing to do whatever she could to help improve his quality of life.

She took the little kitty home and placed him in a space where he could feel comfortable.

Zombie had an unusual appearance, his mouth had been twisted as a result of infections, so he faced a long road to recovery. Fortunately, he had a wonderful human by his side who was willing to look out for his well-being.

From the very first moment the sweet kitty formed a bond with his rescuer, not only did he have a comfortable home but the companionship of a human with whom he could cuddle as often as he wanted.

Ahsen diligently cleaned the kitten’s mouth and gave him all the right medications to treat his wounds. She also helped him gain weight and fight anemia, little by little the kitten gained strength, started crying on his own and could drink from a water fountain.

A beautiful routine had been created where Zombie fell surrendered to Ahsen’s care, with sweet purrs he thanked her for everything she was doing for him.

To avoid further discomfort, two of his lower teeth had to be extracted, after which he was able to eat more easily.

Zombi was growing by leaps and bounds, her health had improved tremendously, Ahsen was happy to see her so healthy and strong, so he did not hesitate to officially make her a member of his family.

His recovery took him almost two months, during this time he was isolated so when he finally got to meet the rest of his feline family he did so with a permanent smile on his face. Fortunately, the rest of the kittens accepted her and did not hesitate to make her a member of the small herd.

They taught her how to play and invited her to eat with them. Of all the furries, Zombi formed a special bond with Zikri, the tuxedo kitten, following him everywhere and showing him friendship.

Zombi’s life changed completely, he had a less than encouraging diagnosis but his will to live was greater. Maybe he just needed that earthly angel to give him all the love he needed to get through life. Finally, Ahsen commented:

“Being able to help animals like Zombie makes me happy. It’s a priceless feeling to be able to say ‘we did it,’ to see his change and to be instrumental in this.”

This sweet kitty now enjoys a full and happy life with his favorite person and his feline siblings. Those around him recognize in him a being of light full of love who came to show them that in the right hands everything is possible.

We love to know that he spends his days being loved and living the life he deserves.


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