Did humans ever eat mammoths? – This finding will demonstrate

Mammoths and ancient giant rhinos were likewise frightened of the species discovered in a tooth that closely resembled a current human’s on continents hundreds of thousands of years ago.

An archaeological treasure, a rare entire tooth from Neanderthals, our extinct cousin, was discovered in Gabasa, Spain, according to Science Alert. A team of scientists lead by Dr. Klervia Jaoen from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) examined zinc isotopes on the artifact.

Since they often interbred with our ancestors, leaving lineages, Neanderthals, a species of the genus Homo that lived on Earth between 800,000 and more than 30,000 years ago, are closely related to modern humans, Homo sapiens. a lot of people, particularly Europeans, have blood.

The teeth of neanderthals demonstrated that they were the dominant species in their environment.

Around this species, there are lots of disagreements. However, research also demonstrates that they eat quite similarly to humans, providing indirect proof that they are expert hunters.

The researchers examined nitrogen isotopes from bone collagen in a prehistoric Neanderthal molar in an attempt to provide a conclusive answer. The truth will be revealed by the ratio of the nitrogen-14 to nitrogen-15 isotopes. However, too much nitrogen-15 in some areas of the Earth by some plant species can skew the results and make it appear that the species is mostly herbivorous.

Dr. Jaoen and his associates consequently concentrated on zinc in tooth enamel. The sobering fact that the unexplained Neanderthal teeth had very trace amounts of the high-level carnivore zinc-66 was disclosed.

The teeth also revealed that this prehistoric creature had a lot of meat in their diet after being weaned at the age of two and a half. They consume plants, but because they consume such a small proportion of plants in their diets, they are not quite as omnivorous as we are. Instead, they fall between between carnivores and omnivores.

Indirect evidence from earlier archaeology has also been found in Neanderthal sites: animal bones, especially those of extremely dangerous beasts, exhibit marks of having been eaten and having taken marrow rather than dying naturally. similar to the extinct mammoth or enormous woolly rhinoceros.

This notion is supported by the zinc found in Neanderthals’ teeth, which indicates they were probably at the top of the food chain. Neanderthals also had the lowest zinc-66 isotope ratio of any animal in the Gabasa region, which would indicate that they were the most carnivorous.

Although it is believed that a diet high in meat contributed to brain development, the extinction of the Neanderthals, who had brains larger than ours but were less evolved than us in some ways, is also supposed to have been a result of their diet.A rich, varied diet that includes both fish and plants may be a prerequisite for Homo sapiens to overcome periods of extreme climate and the growing scarcity of large animals, to become the only extant species of the genus Man, which had 8-9 species when our species appeared.

The study has just been published in the scientific journal PNAS.

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