Archaeologists are baffled when they find the body of the mysterious mythical creature in the basement

A crew of employees discovered hundreds of sealed wooden crates in the cellar of a house in 2006 while leveling it to make place for a new real estate project. The workmen rubbed their palms with delight, assuming they had unearthed a buried treasure, but when they opened the craters, they discovered the mummies of a variety of unusual animals, many of which resembled fairies and dwarfs from popular British mythology.

Thomas Theodor Merrylin, a crypto-naturalist, biologist, and Xeno-archeologist born in 1782 in Hellingshire, North England, owned the home. Aside from his bizarre creature collection, he is known for his longevity, since he appears to have lived for 160 years. According to eyewitnesses, Theodor seemed to be 80 years old but dressed like a 40-year-old, which drew more attention than his unique animal collection.

The Merrylin Cryptid Collection was the name of his odd creature collection. During his lifetime, Theodor traveled to the United States to show his collection to a bigger audience. His collection of uncommon creatures piqued people’s curiosity at first, but he was labeled a charlatan by other cryptozoologists and naturalists due to the world’s restricted perspective.

During his time in the United States, he gained several acquaintances among mathematicians and top biologists, who found his collection of unusual species fascinating, as well as his scientific thoughts about time travel, physics, and chemistry fascinating.

His logbook was discovered with the uncommon animals. He wrote the esoteric notions of quantum mechanics in his diary, concepts that had not yet surfaced in physics at the time. His American friends have urged him to publish his research on time travel and quantum mechanics.

Because his ideas were too advanced for the time, he was labeled a charlatan and his life fell apart. Another collector of rare species accused him of stealing.

He was swiftly forgotten, and no one knew anything about him until 1942, when a man claiming to be Theodor donated a building to a London orphanage with the only condition of not opening the cellar. Because this individual seemed to be 45 years old, he was assumed to be a relative of Theodor.

That was the last time anyone heard from him after that. If we examine how long a man lives these days, we may deduce that the guy in 1942 was not Theodore, who was born in 1782 and would have been 160 years old at the time. His diary mentions an item called Alabaster, which possesses anti-aging effects, according to the journal.

Unfortunately, no such object has been identified in the craters located in his basement. Is it possible that Theodor discovered the youth elixir? What about his wonderful creatures collection?

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