Evidence of Ancient Advanced Cutting Tech discovered in Egypt

Amongst the most interesting discoveries of our generation lies the Basalt Block that was found sunken deep underneath the sand in Egypt.

Ever since this discovery was made people have been debating how the ancient Egyptians were capable of making such precise cuts, to begin with.

As is the case in most of these investigations we should never limit our theories to what is conventionally considered “realistic” because the truth of the matter is that we will never get an answer by looking for an answer with one eye closed.

So, if we open up our minds to the possibilities then we simply need to fish out the best theory we can find and test its validity.

At the moment, the theory that fits our dilemma perfectly is the alien intervention one. Basically, we as a civilization had no means of doing such precise cuts on our own, so the only other logical conclusion is that someone or something gave us a certain push, allowed us to use their technology and in return, we must have offered our services.

The Anunnaki are again believed to be responsible for this but we don’t know for sure. Another popular theory that fits in the time travel one. If a time traveler were to go back in order to control the past and ergo the future too then nobody there could possibly stop them.

This is where other groups such as Illuminati or the New World Order get involved according to the theory.

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