Investigations have uncovered the existence of a 900m-high “Great Pyramid of Egypt” hidden under intense vegetation in Australia

There are pyramid constructions all over the world. Despite the ancient study of culture, in each of them, there are these buildings. That’s why it’s not surprising that there’s even a Great Pyramid in Australia.

A team of amateur archaeologists, assures Australia that before the arrival of Europeans, ancient Egyptians were in the ocean and built pyramids.

The research team found signs of what could be a Great Pyramid dating 5,000 years built by the Egyptians in Australia.

It is placed on a mountain, in North Queensland and according to the hieroglyphics found in Gosford, there is a total of two pyramids: one in the pipe, which was destroyed and the other location remains unknown.

Called” The Pyramid of Walsh ” is about 30 minutes west of the Australian people’s coastal town. The altitude is exactly 922 meters and is believed to have been the last resort of Nefer-ti-ru.

The evidence on which they are based is mentioned in the hieroglyphics Gosford. These strange sizes are considered Egyptian by many experts. They’re near Sydney.

These hieroglyphics are believed to have been made by Egyptian sailors 5,000 years ago when they discovered the continent.

Ray Johnson, an amateur archaeologist, translated hieroglyphics for the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo and was able to document and translate two walls facing Egyptian symbols.

The story behind this text shows how ancient Egyptian researchers were shipwrecked in a place “strange and hostile”. Current

Either way, you’re sure these texts mention Australia’s Great Pyramid and how it was King Nefer-ti-ru’s Tomb.

Although signs can be found that this true pyramid exists, experts have not wanted to investigate the country, saying it is nothing more than a “natural granite peak.”However, this will not be the first time a pyramid facility has been unearthed underground for skill and vegetation.

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