Peru’s Three-Toed Mummies: Human or Extraterrestrial?

A scientist has claimed that a series of three-toed “mummy” recently discovered in Peru is not human and may be alien.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov, from Russia’s National Research University, said the mummies, thought to be ancient relics, had human-like features but were not “homo sapiens.”

Prof Korotkov studied mummies dating back 6,500 years, found by researchers in Nazca, Peru.

He told Sputnik News: “The little mummies each have two arms, two legs, a head, a pair of eyes, and a mouth.

“They have 23 pairs of chromosomes in their DNA, just like us.

“All four are male, each with a Y chromosome.

“They look human, but they’re not.”

Another skeletal expert, Dr Edson Vivanco, also concluded that the remains belonged to “non-human beings,” the Daily Express reported.

While the strange bodies with three feet and three fingers have been branded as fake by other scientists, Dr Vivanco said: “There are many details that show the bodies are real.

“Creating a skull with these features is a very difficult task.”

The scientist insists that if they were fakes, he would be “first to say and report”.

Images of a supposedly mummified alien were released in June last year in the ancient city of Nazca, Peru.

The site claims that the body was excavated during the excavation of mysterious caves.

Skeptical viewers noted that the “corpse” looked like it was made from a half-finished cardboard.

One viewer commented: “Something is wrong. The corpse looks like it was made of plaster.”

Scientists debate whether the mummies are real or fake.

Dr Vivanco told the unbelievers: “We are currently examining the evidence. And so far we haven’t found anything to suggest that this is a fraud or that the bodies have been altered in any way.

“We have a wealth of evidence that puts us on the path to proving this to be true.”

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