Statue Of Apollo Discovered in Ancient City Of Prusias Hypium, Turkey

A statue depicting Apollo, a god associated with fire, light, sun and reality in Greek mythology,  was unearthed by archaeologists, excavating the ruins of the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in northwestern Düzce province, Turkey.

A view of the parts of the Apollo statue found in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium, Düzce, northwestern Türkiye, Aug. 19, 2022. Image credit: DHA

The city, located in the Konuralp region, once spread over a wide area, and the region joined the kingdom in the time of the reign of King Prithias of Bithynia in the Hellenistic period. Prusias ad Hypium flourished in the 2nd century BC during the Roman Empire.

Excavation teams and archaeologists, who have worked with the permission of the Directorate General of Cultural Assets and Museums, focused on the area in front of the ancient theater’s stage in Prusias ad Hypium. The theater that is the only magnificent building left from the ancient city, was used until the end of the 4th century.The head of the Apollo statue found in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium, Düzce, northwestern Türkiye, Aug. 19, 2022.  Image credit: AA 

“They discovered several historical statues. Among the statues, the one depicting Apollo stands out due to its intact state, as said in a statement,” writes Daily Sabah.

Ruins of the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium. credit: Düzce University/Hurriyet Daily News

The ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium was known as “Hypios” and “Kieros” in earlier periods. It was captured by Prusias I of Bithynia, and the people of Bithynia named the city in honor of their king.

However, Bithynia later went bankrupt. Apparently, it was caused by ostentatiously costly and luxurious lifestyle of its citizens. The people of Bithynia bequeathed the kingdom to the Romans, which started the Latin influence on the city. Originally, the city was already rich in terms of beautiful  architecture but flourished even more under the Romans.

A view of the parts of the Apollo statue found in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium, Düzce, northwestern Türkiye, Aug. 19, 2022. Image credit: DHA  

It became known as Prusias ad Hypium. The ancient city is believed to be the oldest settlement of the western Black Sea region, and it is even called  the Ephesus of the Western Black Sea.

The city then passed into the hands of the Byzantines and Ottomans, respectively. Under the Ottoman rule, it was handed over to Konuralp Bey, one of the first Turkish commanders who served in the establishment of the empire, by Osman Ghazi, the founder of the empire. This is how the region of the city received its current name, Konuralp.

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