The mystery of these 4 ancient civilizations heralded humanity by a great deal on Earth

Ancient civilizations that vanished long before humanity arrived on the planet.

Muldashev is convinced that a civilisation older than ours exists, and his views are backed up by archaeological findings and allusions, as well as numerous UFO reports and folklore.

He claims that there were four other civilizations that lived prior to ours.


This was the first civilisation on Earth, according to Muldashev, more than 10 million years ago. They were extremely tall, reaching heights of up to 165 feet. They communicated through telepathy and lived for almost 10 thousand years. These aliens come from a planet called Phaethon, according to Muldashev.


The Asuras undertook a physical transformation that resulted in the Atlanteans. They were a little smaller and lacked any bones. They did, however, have a third eye between their brows.


After the Atlanteans vanished, the Lemurians arose. These were quite similar to humans in that they had a skeleton and were able to distinguish between sexes. They still had their third eye. They stood around 26 feet tall and lived for about 1000 years. They were the ones who built the Sphinx and Stonehenge, according to Muldashev.


These creatures were more humanoid than the Lemurians. The maximum height was not more than 13 feet. They were forced to flee the Earth as a result of a nuclear disaster that occurred more than 25 thousand years ago.


Following the fall of Atlantis, a new race, according to Muldashev, emerged. These were humans’ direct ancestors. This race lived roughly 12 thousand years ago and lacked the third eye.

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