This Siberian “Living Crater” confounded Geologists because it constantly alters shape

Geologists Were Baffled By This Siberian “Living Crater” – It Always Changes Its Shape

Russian geologists discovered a crater in Siberia, Irkutsk, with a volume between 230,000-250,000 cubic metres, in 1949. Geologists named the Patomskiy-crater so.

The unusual shape of the crater is a domed dome with a circular hill around it. It is 80m high and 150 meters wide.

Although this crater was believed to have been caused by a meteorite there is no evidence supporting this theory.

It is not known what caused the formation of this crater. Russian scientists believe that the crater is home to a huge iron object with a high density at 150 meters. Researchers were astonished by the shape that this crater takes on. A second peculiar feature is the fact that trees around this crater are growing at a faster pace than normal.

Russian scientists believe that the crater may still be a natural geological feature.

Viktor Sergeyevich Antipin in St. Petersburg According the Petersburg Institute of Geochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, the crater may be of natural origin. However, there is no evidence to support that it is caused by a meteorite. These remarks were made at a seminar organized by the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute.


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