Tomb of the 4,500 year old Queen of Egypt – Amazed Contains A Warning About Current Climate Change

The Tomb Of An Egyptian Queen From 4,500 Years Ago Contains A Warning About Climate Change

The tomb of an Egyptian Queen has revealed the fact that the ancient Egyptians might have known that we would be struggling with climate change 4,500 years ago. The aforementioned tomb is believed to have belonged to Jintakus III, or as she was commonly referred to as, The Queen Mother. She was the late wife of Pharaoh Reneferef and they lived together around the year 2,240 BC.

At first many believed that she lost her life after having her skull cracked, but this was actually debunked as experts believe that this was all caused by tomb raiders that couldn’t be bothered with being gentle with the artifacts.

The tomb itself was unburied around 2015, in November, in the southwest of Cairo. Miroslav Barta and his team were the ones to actually uncover it, as they had been working for quite a couple of years now, trying to piece together all of the strange ancient objects they’ve uncovered around the area.

The Queen is believed to have belonged to the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt, which lasted between 2,500 and 2,350 BC. Inside of the tomb the experts also uncovered several animal bones, wood carvings, pottery and copper which were most likely buried with the Queen as a token to the gods to make sure she wasn’t tortured in the afterlife.

Experts also uncovered the fact that climate change was beginning to take its toll on the Egyptians even way back then, since most of Egypt was going through a serious drought which caused a lot of lives to be lost.

While the problems would only get harder and harder to bear with as time moved on, experts believe that this could be a breakthrough for us, as the Egyptians did manage to stagnate the effects of climate change during this period, and if we can learn from what they did we could very well apply it to our current problems, fixing them together.

Still, what’s important to note here is that according to the experts, there is no way to truly take away what they did to get rid of the arid event around this time period.

We know that climate change took place here because it led to the fall of the Akkadian Empire and it almost destroyed the Ancient Kingdom of Egypt, but we don’t know what they could have done to stop this from completely wiping them out. Hopefully further research will actually bring us more information about the topic.

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